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Rocko's Bloody Seasoning Blend - Available now!

Rocko's Bloody Seasoning Blend is not your typical Blood Mary mix.  It is a concentrated blend of over 20 flavorful ingredients and spices that combine with your juice cocktail to make the best bold and refreshing Bloody Mary that you have ever had.

One 16 oz bottle is enough to make 12 - 16 drinks, depending on how big and how spicy you like your beverage.  Rocko strongly suggests using tomato clam juice cocktail to make the most refreshing and drinkable cocktail.  This is also known as a Bloody Caesar.

The Blend is available in 16 oz. bottles for $8.50 per bottle or $96.00 per case of 12 bottles.  Custom delivery or shipping may be arranged.

If you wish to order now, simply use the drop down menu above the Buy Now button to the left, or send an email with order details to