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Try Rocko's Bloody Seasoning Blend to make the best, bold and refreshing Bloody Mary Cocktail that you have ever had. Rocko's Bloody Seasoning Blend is a mix of over twenty flavorful ingredients that helps make a consistently delicious and refreshing drink every time. It is not your typical Bloody Mary Mix and does not contain any tomato juice, just the flavorful seasonings that combine to make a delicious drink.

When you order a Bloody Mary in a restaurant or bar, you never know what you will get. Different versions of Bloody Marys can vary greatly even between bartenders at the same location. Typically, they will pour a drink using some commercial mix made by Mr. and Mrs. Whoever which has very little flavor to it, or worse yet, you can get a glass of tomato juice with a couple drops of Tabasco sauce in it. This is not my definition of a delicious drink. I developed Rocko's Bloody Seasoning Blend over the past twenty or so years enjoying drinks with family and friends at great get-togethers. Comments and feedback from many people (too numerous to mention here, but you know who you are) have helped me to arrive at this recipe.

My preference is to enjoy what is known as a Bloody Ceasar. This is a drink that uses tomato clam cocktail juice instead of just tomato juice. This avoids the thick and heavy consistency that tomato juice alone has and results in a much more drinkable and refreshing cocktail (but that is my opinion). The good thing about Rocko's Bloody Seasoning Blend is that you can use your favorite type of tomato juice, vegetable juice cocktail, or tomato clam cocktail juice. Rocko's Bloody Seasoning Blend is kicked up with cayenne and white peppers and over twenty flavorful ingredients to give your cocktail a bold and delicious "zing", but the main point is that it is about flavor and not just the spice. You can adjust the amount used per drink to vary from mild all the way to Rocko style bold and spicy. A flavorful drink is the end result and not just a bad case of heartburn.

The basic drink recipe is to start with a glass full of ice. Add one part Rocko's Bloody Seasoning Blend with one part good vodka (or tequila or other liquor if you prefer) and two to three parts tomato clam cocktail juice to your taste. Shake over ice, and garnish with a wedge of lime and a celery stalk for the classic Bloody. If you think about it a little, I am sure that you can get creative and customize your own version by garnishing with a cooked shrimp and green olives or a carrot stick and marinated tomato or rimmed with salt and a pickled green beans or a little paper umbrella or you get the picture.

Rocko's Bloody Seasoning Blend can also be used as a marinade for your favorite meats prior to grilling. Try marinating some shrimp and scallops in a little for ten minutes just before placing on the grill. Serve over rice pilaf and you will have one delicious meal that your friends will rave about. You can also add a little of the blend to your next batch of chili or your next batch of salsa or guacamole for that little extra flavorful kick. Those of you who enjoy the raw bar can use a dash of Rocko's blend on your next oysters on the half shell, but just be careful not to use too much and overwhelm the flavorful little shellfish.